The President is a coward.

I’m a card carrying member of the VFW. Veterans issues are one of the top issues for me. I don’t like to get too deep in the weeds on the culture wars, because they are a distraction. That said, I do want to be represented, but more, I want the people and families that sacrificed for their country to be protected and honored. My sacrifice of eight years of service was very small compared to many, and it’s those many that I wish to honor.

Nothing upsets me more with our current administration than the utter disrespect they have shown active military. It starts with Trump, but has certainly been institutionalized by Republicans. While his website uses the same photo that I lifted for the featured image for this article, what bugs me is the title “hero” which refers to the unlikeable Trump, and not the Marine in the photo.

In an article by HuffPost titled “Trump Stopped Going to Dover AFB To Receive Bodies After Getting Berated On First Visit” we see how little Trump cares for those that sacrificed.

In the real world, Trump has traveled to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware exactly four times ― fewer than half as many times as his vice president ― and avoided going at all for nearly two years after getting berated for his incompetence by the father of a slain Navy SEAL, according to a former White House aide who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He’s a coward.

During the impeachment, I wrote all my congressmen in South Carolina a letter to change the tone of the way they spoke to Colonel Vindman. To date, I’ve not received a single response from any of those cowards either.

If you are a veteran, please research these issues. I’m not asking anyone to change their party affiliation, but rather use your voice. The military and veterans are already pawns for this country. Please don’t let us also be pawns in the culture wars as well.

Stand up. Speak out against these cowardly acts. We deserve respect.