Civil War

I had a weird meeting yesterday. At the end of the meeting my thoughts were “We’ve lost a generation of white men to Fox News”. It wasn’t so much that the conversation veered into politics, but rather the weird obsessive culture of conspiracy and distrust seems to be festering.

I started watching Ken Burn’s Civil War this week. It’s not something I have revisited in quite some time, but it feels timely now. Instead of North and South, we are dealing with a country divided in a not so linear way. I’d be willing to bet that many would let the South secede today, if we thought that would solve the Trump problem. It won’t though, because your neighbors, your father, your uncles are the ones that have been brain washed with a false narrative which is almost impossible to reason.

The thing that I forgot about the show was how honest it was about the incompetence of most Union Army leadership at the time. It was indeed a shit show, and had we not had US Grant and Sherman on the western front, the war would have ended differently. There’s a parallel to how incompetent Democratic leaders are with the current media war that they continue to lose…